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Encouraging the spread of Knowledge

The mission of Knowledge Is Key, Inc. is to educate, encourage and support the general public by providing free educational resources and yearly academic scholarships.

Knowledge Is Key, Inc., otherwise known as “K.I.K” [kick] is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate society on a variety of topics and disciplines relevant to their individual and collective needs. 


K.I.K’s strategic three-point plan relies on encouraging individuals to pursue goals, providing education on topics relevant to those aspirations and providing financial support to assist with college tuition through its annual academic scholarship. 


Knowledge Is Key, Inc.'s scholarships are awarded once per year. Applicants are scored by a panel of educators based on the applicant’s academic achievement, writing ability and community involvement. K.I.K’s philanthropic efforts focus heavily on enlightening and cultivating communities and thus, scholarship recipients must also demonstrate an active commitment to community elevation.


Knowledge Is Key, Inc. serves individuals from all walks of life. K.I.K's resources span from resume review to career counseling, personal statement review to research paper revisions, finance management consultations to financial aid assistance, college tours, panel discussions and volunteer opportunities. 


No matter your educational need, K.I.K has something for you. Don’t stop dreaming. Pursue your goals with an intent and will power to achieve, and remember, SPREAD KNOWLEDGE EVERYWHERE YOU GO.


Contact K.I.K today and tell us how we can be of service to you.



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