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Victory In Scholastic Achievement (V.I.S.A.) Scholarship Application


Scholarship Application Checklist

o Personal & Educational Information form

o Applicant Essay (typed)

o Reference Form

o High School Transcript and Transcript Request Form or College Transcript

o Personal Presentation

o Social Media Participation


Get your friends involved

Create a social media post(s) on Facebook or Instagram. Tag @Knowledgeiskeyinc and hashtag #KIKScholarship23 for the post to be eligible.


This post should tell your social media followers you are applying to K.I.K’s scholarship and you need their assistance. Your followers should leave comments as to why you should receive this scholarship. These comments should speak to your character, your determination and the role you play within your community. Your identity must be clear for your post to be scored and remember to make your posts “public”.


Your posts must be up by May 31st, however comments will be reviewed up until September 30th.

Social Media Participation

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